Meeting the SmartSPIN external advisory board


The SmartSPIN external advisory board is made up of seven experts from a diverse range of fields, from property managers to EPC experts and/or ESCOs associations. With their expertise and professional skills they contribute to the development of the SmartSPIN project by providing feedback and input tot the key deliverables.

Since the launch of the project, one official meeting has been carried out. There is a second meeting planned at the end of the project.

  • During the first meeting, the goal was to gain insights about key challenges and barriers that prevent the implementation of energy efficiency measures and utilisation of flexibility measures.
  • The second meeting will be focused on validating the project results up to that point as well as receiving guidance regarding next steps in the last year of the project.


First meeting with the SmartSPIN external advisory board

An introductory meeting was organised in February 2022, where all the consortium members and external advisory board members introduced themselves with each other and discussed about the SmartSPIN project.

During the first official meeting held online on 7 September 2022  the participant discussed the progress to date toward the SmartSPIN business model based on the findings of D2.1, D2.2 and D2.4. Moreover, the challenges of extending Energy Performance Contracting to the rented scenario in the commercial sector were also discussed with the advisory board. These inputs will be very useful for the development of the business model in the future.

On September 8th the project and the main findings of WP2 Review of smart energy services market for commercial rented sector were presented at the Sustainable Places 2022 conference in a workshop titled: “Service Integration & Smart Contracting”. A related paper detailing the analysis of relevant business models for energy efficiency in the commercial rented sector is under development.

Figure 1: SmartSPIN two steps approach to deliver energy efficiency to the commercial rented sector