SmartSPIN toolkit: Enabling next-generation of smart energy services valorising energy efficiency and flexibility at demand-side

The SmartSPIN business model is a tri-partite energy performance contractual agreement between tenant, building owner and the energy service company (ESCO). In this specific set-up, the building owner is responsible for the financing of the energy efficiency upgrades via own funding (or sinking fund). The building owner then attributes back to their own fund or sinking fund the remuneration from the monthly guaranteed energy savings in order to payback the investment. The energy service company receives a monthly remuneration from the tenant, based on the guaranteed energy savings.


The tenant also pays the energy utility company based on its actual energy consumption, however, via the implementation of the energy efficiency upgrades, reduced energy costs can be achieved based on reduced energy consumption. Moreover, the energy supplier could potentially provide a flexible tariff contract with a complimentary price forecasting tool in order to trade customers’ flexibility to the market. In this way demand response schemes can be implemented and thus lead to further reduction on the energy cost of the tenant, who will be able to shift demand away from peak times. At the end of the contract duration, both the tenant and the building owner can choose to purchase the equipment according to its residual value, extend the contract, or (less commonly) return the equipment.

The funding source can also be a different entity like a bank or lender. In this case, the energy efficiency upgrade measures are funded by the building owner through a bank loan, and consequently building owner is responsible for the loan payment. In other set-ups of the model the energy service company could be the project financer via a bank loan and share the energy savings with the building owner.

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Do you want to know what is the energy performance contracting potential of your building?

By providing little relevant information about your building, the SmartSPIN web app will support you in identifying the most interesting building typologies for energy renovation at European level.




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Early building performance diagnostics web-dashboard

Use the SmartSPIN web-dashboard to automatically calculate the energy signature of your building. How? Provide minimal building information and energy consumption datasets to get the analysis and recommendations based on the given information for the energy efficient improvement of the building.


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SmartSPIN Contractual and Tariff Template

SmartSPIN has defined a a contractual model to optimise the building energy services between ESCO, landlord and tenant. This contract addresses the needs and obligations of all parties involved in the commercial rented sector and can be freely used as a basis for drafting a contract involving more than two parties.

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