SmartSPIN at Sustainable Places 2022


Nice, France

On 8 September, SmartSPIN together with SENSEI projectHySGrid+MUSE GRIDSeCREW Project H2020, and Neon Project EU, discussed about the integration of services in different energy systems and the fundamentals of smart contracting schemes for such services.

Our colleague Luciano De Tommasi (IERC – International Energy Research Centre) presented the main findings of Work Package 2 Review of Smart Energy Services.

This workshop aimed to go beyond the usual limits in the framework of the integration of services in the systems that make up the energy ecosystem by broadening the horizons of application and conceptualization as well as merging the contracting schemes of these services, giving rise to more sustainable and innovative models.

To this end, this workshop has brought together several projects from the European framework and reflecting different systems such as the electricity grid, citizen energy communities, community networks and integrated consumption systems such as large commercial spaces. The integration of services in these schemes as well as specific cases of conceptualization of systems of systems as in the case of energy communities were addressed. All of this was included within the most innovative and sustainable contracting schemes currently available in the market.

 A related paper detailing the analysis of relevant business models for energy efficiency in the commercial rented sector is under development. 

SmartSPIN two steps approach to deliver energy efficiency to the commercial rented sector.

Workshop Chair: Eneko Olabarrieta, R2M Solution

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