Sister projects

Smartspin cooperates with many projects.

NEON Project

Moving forward the Next Generation Integrated Energy Services! NEON project will exploit building energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and storage, and demand flexibility to increase energy savings, reduce CO2 emissions, and provide cost savings across sectors. The Citizen Energy Communities (CECs) enable faster uptake of the proposed services, and facilitate European communities, both residential and nonresidential, in becoming energy efficient. Services that become reality.Through cocreation process with the engage grid stakeholders, service providers and final consumers it is going to be establish the cross-sectoral arrangements and underlying service concepts.

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V2Market Project

V2Market is an innovative service to incorporate EV batteries into the electricity system as storage and flexibility capacity using Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technology. It tackles system efficiency and uses big data and price forecasting ICT tools to extract the maximum value from pools of EVs.V2Market puts together all the relevant actors in the value chain to create new business models for aggregators, EV owners and flexibility buyers.

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