What’s up at the Irish pilot?


The Irish Pilot site has received financial approval from the building owner to install an upgraded BMS System and to implement energy metering and monitoring of tenancies as well as environmental monitoring of same.

In May, Lawler Sustainability presented the implementation plan to the tenants. During the discussion, they established timelines and agreed on the project outcomes in terms of energy reduction and environmental monitoring of their tenancies. Some key questions about finance, operational disturbance within tenancies, data transfer from tenancy and its security and a mixed sentiment around occupancy monitoring and environmental acoustics (personal privacy related), were raised by the Irish pilot tenants.

The SmartSPIN project is supported by all tenants, however there are still a few open questions related to cybersecurity and specification of equipment to be installed, to answer before receiving their internal approval.

The project is expected to start during June with installation completed in mid-August.