Spanish Exploitation Workshop


On June 29th, TECNALIA organised the second Spanish national workshop with different local agents in Bilbao. This face-to-face meeting was a fruitful opportunity to present the general framework of the SmartSPIN project, as well as the energy characterisation tools developed by Tecnalia during the project.

The workshop was carried out as a conversation among stakeholders, including public agents, facility managers and consulting companies, among others.

Despite the variety of the different sectors present, the attendees had a positive answer valuing the usefulness of the two solutions and the SmartSPIN general framework. Inclusion of comfort and indoor air quality indicators was suggested for future developments given the importance that these two topics have acquired in recent years, and the direct impact that they have on tenants. This feedback received from the attendees is very valuable for the exploitation plans on the developments of the project.


Further information about this topic can be found here.